Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Masonic Blogs...

There are many fantastic blogs out there written on and by Freemasons concerning many things.  They are listed in no particular order.

A running collection of reportage, reviews and ruminations.

Insights into the mind of a young Freemason

"Brother Chris Hodapp's [blog] thought provoking and is often the first place on the web where new ideas and matters of interest are posted."  
-Jim Tresner, Scottish Rite Journal

The musings of a previously unemployed Jewish Freemason. I write about the job search, about Judaism, and about Freemasonry.

A Masonic blog providing education and enlightenment on Freemasonry. News, thoughts in the Freemason Community. Not telling the Masonic secrets just the news

Implications and meditations concerning events and trends in the Masonic world. Masonic education, ethics, and philosophy. Freemasonry in the media and popular entertainment. Responses to Anti-Masonry. My personal experience as a Freemason.

A blog of interesting of news & commentary on liberal & esoteric Freemasonry & other stuff.

A Master Mason Study Group

A Masonic Society

The Philosophical Freemason
A Masonic blog about deeper subject matter


  1. No Philosophical Freemason? Haha

  2. Dang it! I knew I missed something! Sorry about that Kyle. I had the link up in one of my tabs and for some reason completely skipped over it. I will edit it real quick