Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Needed Update

Well, I have not updated this in dome time. From the first days in Rome, I spent the next few days seeing the sights and enjoying the breathtaking views that the Eternal City could supply. The Roman Templars met with me and took me to dinner. It was an interesting time between the age difference and the language, but it was an amazing time nonetheless.

After four days I took a train to Perugia, something random I hadn't originally planned, but I am glad as it was a beautiful mountain city and the food was amazing. I spent the night and the took off for Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. I met with the Knights there and one of them took me on a nice tour of the historic areas. It was quite an awe-inspiring time. I saw the must-see sights such as the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio. The last night I was there I observed the locals celebrate Notte Tricolore which was marking the 150th anniversary of a united Italy.

Being a member of Kappa Sigma it's pretty much mandatory to make a pilgrimage to Bologna, the legendary home of our fraternity. I arrived early in the morning and decided to walk around the Alphabet City seeing such sights as the Basilica di San Petronio and Torre Degli Asanelli. Climbing the tower was quite the ordeal, but the view was beautiful and worth the climb. The weather had been windy and rainy since leaving Rome, but good weather was on the horizon.

I arrived in Venice and with me arrived a nice, warm Spring Day, which was nice, but I had caught a cold in Bologna. I stopped at the Pharmacy and picked up some medicine. It put a dent on the fever, but not much more. This was not going to stop me though. I was in Venice- the City of Bridges, the Floating City, or the City of Masks.

I stayed on the mainland though as it was cheaper and only needed to take a short bus ride to the island.

The first day I made it to the island and decided to just walk around. I found that this maze city was quite the mind-bender. I did find some fascinating architecture and finally came to an exhibit on the work of Da Vinci where I found spectacular drawings and models. I continued to walk and found many cathedrals and churches that marked the island. I loved seeing the shops with their masks and dolls. I even found a bookstore that carried old books and in the front window were displayed several books with Masonic symbolism.

I continued to walk around the island for the next few days visiting such places as St. Mark's Square. It was an amazing time overall which made it hard to get back on the train back to Rome to head back to Iraq.

To walk on such hallowed and ancient ground was a magnificent time, well worth the money. I wish I had the companionship of my love, but maybe later we will retrace my steps together.

I made it back to Kuwait and after a long night made it to a bed to rest. I waited several days, but my Internet connection was interrupted by natural occurrences such as sand storms. I made it to Nasiriyah, but quickly moved to Al Amarah.

I have been here ever since my return. This place is quite different from Nasiriyah, but not horrible.

I have some posts being drafted about some of the symbols I found when traveling to Italy.