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  1. Dear brothers

    Kindly inform me is your Orden working at Chile or any southamerican country??


    1. The list of Commanderies is found at the Grand Encampment website and you can contact them with questions through the site.

  2. Dear Sir Knights:

    I am now delivering a sixty (60) slide half-hour PowerPoint presentation on The History of the Knight Templar Apron.

    Monday, August 31, 2020
    Zoom Meeting
    Prather Commandery No. 62

    Monday, November 9, 2020
    Zoom Meeting
    Columbia Commandery No. 2

    Date Pending
    Zoom Meeting
    Maryland Commandery No. 1

    Date Pending
    Zoom Meeting
    Charles Martel Commandery No. 29

    Please let me know if you would like me to make this live presentation to a group with which you are currently involved.


    Sir Knight Carson C. Smith, PC, KCT, KTCH
    Prather Commandery No. 62

    Reviews of The History of the Knight Templar Apron

    “Thank you for a great presentation this evening! I will spread the word! Well done!”
    – Sir Knight Raymon W. Bacchus

    “This blew away my expectations and is the best program of my entire year as Commander! I came expecting a talk about the history of an apron. It was so much more than that. Sir Knight Carson Smith wove together history, symbolism, and theology in a coherent and thought provoking manner. It helped me to reflect on the rich heritage of our order and re-energized me in my efforts as a Mason and a Knight Templar. You come for a talk about a fabric apron, you come away with the rich fabric of our Order. We had twenty-one people present. This is a record for online meetings in the District of Columbia."
    – Sir Knight Peter W. Brusoe

    “That was a great presentation.”
    – Sir Knight Randy J. Darling

    "A wonderful presentation and timeline of how the Templar apron came to be, and then how it, unfortunately, just disappeared from our uniform.”
    – Sir Knight Michael S. Doxsee

    “This was a fantastic and informative presentation on the Knight Templar apron. It was very well researched and illustrated, I hope to have this presentation delivered as an educational piece to my own Commandery and would recommend it to all Sir Knights.”
    – Sir Knight Christopher M. Foeste

    “Great presentation on the Templar apron and how it relates to the other degrees in Freemasonry. Also, excellent timeline of events in Freemasonry and the ‘higher degrees’ of the craft. Well thought out, organized and presented. Well done, Sir Knight!”
    – Sir Knight Graig A. Huber

    “Carson Smith's engaging and informative presentation reflects his contagious enthusiasm for a subject in which his passion clearly shines!”
    – Sir Knight Nolan E. Keck

    “Great presentation. I am interested, now, in bringing the Templar apron back.”
    – Sir Knight Christopher L. Laird

    “Thanks again! It was wonderful and I was very happy this worked out.”
    – Sir Knight Elijah C. Mills

    “I attended a wonderful Zoom presentation of The History of the Knight Templar Apron by Sir Knight Carson C. Smith this evening! It was hosted by Columbia Commandery No. 2 in Washington DC. I would like to convey a hearty ‘well done’ to both parties!”
    – Sir Knight Dana K. Oldenburg

    “I enjoyed it very much!”
    – Sir Knight Frederick A. Schwomeyer

    “Well done on the Templar apron. It is always a pleasure to listen to one of your presentations.”
    – Sir Knight Joseph L. Sparks