The American Rite

I am currently working on my first book called "The American Rite" which will be a comprehensive book on the duties, history, lessons, symbols, theoretical origins and summary of the degrees and orders of the York Rite of Freemasonry along with the various appendant orders that stem from this rite. The idea for this book started in 2012 when discussing the newly launched education program launched by the York Rite Sovereign College of North America. I started collecting information and by 2013 I started writing, but my academic obligations put this book on the back burner. Now that I've finished my Master's degree my focus has returned this book.

It is important to know, understand, record, and keep the history, rituals, and ceremonies of our Order. Without the availability to this knowledge we would fail to do so and so much would fall into the fog of history. It is my hope that with this book one may gain a better understanding of the degrees and the lessons they teach.


  1. My mother's father was a Freemason and his wife, my grandmother, was an Eastern Star.

  2. How does one become a Knight of the Order of the Bath?

    1. Within the US, the Masonic Order of the Bath is conferred annually at Masonic Week in DC. However, any officer of the High Council can confer the degree upon any Master Mason in good standing.