Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Passing of Time

Well, the sun has set on another year and the dawning of a new year has risen. 2010 was a roller coaster of events for me.

On the Masonic side of things, it was a great year. I was honored to be the Junior Past Master for my Lodge and to serve as Excellent High Priest of my Royal Arch Chapter. The Annual Grand Session of the Grand York Rite Bodies of Idaho was a good time. I was honored to receive the Holy Order of the High Priesthood and to take part in so much of the preparation work. Then on Memorial Day weekend, I was initiated into the York Rite College. Grand Lodge was a bittersweet time as I was unanimously elected to be the Worshipful Master, but had to turn down the position as I was being deployed within the week. The Brethren then decided to re-elect me as Senior Warden.

2010 started out not doing so well as I was working at a place that didn't suit me and stressed me out. By Spring I had decided to quit and by early Summer, the paperwork was in. I was already deploying and didn't need to deal with any unneeded stress. I was able to take a month off before going into training for the deployment. What a blast it was! Floating the river, camping, going downtown, or just hanging out with my friends.

September came and along with it, heartache. Time had come to ship off to training and then to Iraq. I was given a week off before shipping to spend more time with family. Then the day came. I had barely made it into the hangar where the families were congregated before tears were shed. I didn't want to let go; I even had to run to catch up to get on the plane.

Weeks went by at a steady rate and soon I would be leaving for Iraq. Then tragedy struck. My longest and greatest friend, Parker, who I had known almost my entire life lost one of his kids in a tragic accident. I called him and heard the pain in his voice. Pain tore through me, not just for the loss he was feeling, but that I couldn't be there to comfort him.

Arriving in the country, my mind soon locked onto the mission. It wasn't until I started having free time where my mind wandered to my loved ones. Luckily technology allows me easier access to them than before. I was able to video chat with my parents on Christmas and it was amazing to see them.

I closed this year at work as I will for the next several months. Enough about the past though, a new dawn has come upon us with the arrival of 2011. This year will be a fantastic year. So many new things and changes are in my life, but I do look forward to reuniting with my family and friends.

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