Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Masonic books

With my previous post, I am starting research on early Masonic Templary and its beginnings in America. I have ordered a copy of Compasses and the Cross by Stephen Dafoe. I hope to enjoy the read and hope it will aid me on my journey.
Overview of the Compasses and the Cross:
In the Compasses and the Cross, Stephen Dafoe, the author of Nobly Born: An Illustrated History of the Knights Templar, traces the origins and evolution of the Masonic Knights Templar from their beginnings in the middle of the eighteenth century to its present form. Through the course of the book, Dafoe draws on his knowledge of the history of the original Order as well as that of the modern Masonic variant. Individual chapters will examine the various myths connecting the Templars and Freemasonry put forth by eighteenth and nineteenth century Freemasons including James Anderson, Andrew Michael Ramsay and Baron von Hund, as well as Scottish Freemasons such as William Alexander Lawrie and the Chevalier James Burnes. In addition to separating historical fact from masonic tradition, Dafoe also chronicles the differences in Masonic Templarism as it exists in Britain and the Dominion with that of the United States. An excellent and thought provoking addition to the existing information on the Knights Templar which will be essential reading for all Masons and general readers with an interest in this subject area.
While deployed I had the pleasure of meeting a Brother from another unit. In our talks, he loaned me a book called Workman Unashamed by Christopher Haffner. It was an interesting read for all who are Freemasons and of the Christian faith.


Freemasonry has been the subject of much debate by both Christians and non-Christians alike. It has provoked several books to be published in recent years which have sensationalised the issue without proper research. The author, as a freemason and Christian, has carefully examined the accusations levelled at Freemasonry. He gives reasoned answers and explanations to the issues raised in anti-masonic publications and exposes their lack of substance. First published in 1989, this edition has been extensively revised and expanded to incorporate additional information and subsequent developments.
I was also suggested to read The Cross and the Square by Michael Poll.


This book contains a collection of Christian sermons delivered by Freemasons, some Christian ministers, in Christian churches. It spans the 1700's to 1900's. This work is not offered to lift up the Christian faith over any other religion, but to show that to Christian Masons, Christianity is their faith. It is what they believe and it is not diminished by their Masonic membership. A devout Christian Mason is as devout a Christian as any devout Christian. The charges that Freemasonry is anti-Christian or that Christians cannot be true Christians as well as Freemasons are false.
If anyone knows of any more excellent reads out there I hope to hear of them.

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