Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Made It To Boise!

Well I finished with de-mobilizing in Ft. Lewis and flew back to Idaho last night.

My parents, younger sister, nephew, one of my Kappa Sigma Pledge Brothers, and high school friends greeted me at the air terminal. I hugged them all for a while.

I went out with my KSig buddy and many of my old friends. It was a blast. We drank and shared stories. Then to top the night we stopped by a late-night pizza place. So good.

On my way down to the bars my Lodge Secretary called me and said the Brethren of the Lodge of Research elected me as Worshipful Master. I have to appoint an editor-in-chief for the LoR's magazine called the "Transaction". I will be installed during my home Lodges installation ceremony in December.

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