Sunday, July 28, 2013


Like Adoniram, Zabud is an obscure character in Freemasonry and is one not seen in the Symbolic or Blue Lodge. Zabud is referenced in 1st Kings and, in Freemasonry, we are introduced to him in the Select Master degree of the American York Rite.

From the Bible, specifically 1 Kings 4:5, we learn that Zabud was the son of Nathan, the Prophet, and was said to be an officer of the court and a friend of King Solomon. Many speculate that through the love that Solomon had for Nathan that he honored Zabud with his friendship and place in his court. It is also most likely they were about the same age and would have grown up together at the court of King David.

The degree of Select Master takes reference from the Secret Vault discovered in the Royal Arch degree and concerns itself with how it was created. The Secret Vault was created by the three Grand Masters, with a select group of Masons, and connects the events and myths surrounding the loss and hope of the future discovery of the Master's Word through the deposition of the Grand Master's secrets. It is during this degree that the candidate representing Zabud stumbles upon the Secret Vault and is taken prisoner until he can prove he meant no offense by his actions and becomes one of the Select Masters in place of one who proved to be unworthy. The lessons of this degree are devotion, zeal, and overlooking the failings of those who through ignorance or curiosity may often overstep the bounds of propriety.


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