Friday, September 6, 2013

This is Your Day

Author Unknown

Blessed is the man, indeed, 
Who in this life can find; 
A purpose that can fill his days, 
And goals to fill his mind! 

The world is filled with little men 
Content with where they are; 
Not knowing joys success can bring, 
Not willing to go that far! 

Yet, in this world there is a need, 
For men to lead the rest 
To rise above the "average" life, 
By giving of their best! 

Would you be one, who dares to try, 
When challenged by the task; 
To rise to heights you've never seen, 
Or is that too much to ask? 

This is your day--a world to win 
Great purpose to achieve; 
Accept the challenge of your goals 
And in yourself, believe! 

You will be proud of what you've done, 
When at the close of day; 
You look back on your battles won, 
Content, you came this way!

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