Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10th Anniversary of Tahoma Chapel

Today, marks the 10th anniversary of Tahoma Chapel No.30 of the Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of AconTahoma Chapel No.30 was consecrated on August 29th, 2004, and was presided over by Sir Fred of Mount Pleasant. Tahoma Chapel No.30 was the third Chapel to be created within the United States and which led to the establishment of the Grand Preceptor's Council of the Province of the United States of America with Sir Andrea of Byron as the first Right Worthy Grand Preceptor.

Today this Chapel sits at 33-members and 7-Honorary members and the officers of the chapel today are:
Worthy Master: Sir Robert of Elizabethtown
Eminent Prior: Sir Alvin of Auburn
Marshal: Sir Gregory of Roane
Treasurer: Sir Robert of Robertsdale
Secretary: Sir Barry of Les Bois
Deputy Marshal: Sir Paul of Kent
Almoner: Sir Donald of Lancaster
1st Working Knight: Sir Alexander of Kingston
2nd Working Knight: Sir Jack of Sequim
3rd Working Knight: Sir Bryant of West Fork
4th Working Knight: Sir Corby of Les Bois
Herald: Sir Mark of Rohan
Doorkeeper: Sir Paul of Mehlsack
Cellarer: Sir Milton of Kelso
Cellarer: Sir Loren of Albany
Cellarer: Sir Peter of Dungannon
Cellarer: Sir Dale of Forges of Saint Maurice
Sentry: Sir Michael of Lafayette
To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we had coins minted. Most of the coins were bronze, some were silver, and a couple were gold. One's position within the Order indicated what type of coin one received; same as the shell they wear on their uniform. Every Knight of the Chapel was given one coin free with the others costing $10.

Today the Province of the United States has 23 consecrated Chapels with a couple more that are on the way to becoming consecrated. Tahoma Chapel was a founding member of this Province and currently, the Right Eminent Grand Prior and the Provincial Grand Almoner are members of this Chapel. While I have only been a member for over a year, I have enjoyed my time in the organization.

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