Monday, July 4, 2016

Let Us Honor George Washington

By Silas H. Shepherd

Let us honor a Brother who squared every deed 
By the purest of motive his conscience decreed. 
His claim to our gratitude surely was earned 
By service to every great truth he had learned. 
In youth as Apprentice, he studied the needs 
Of life and of conduct. and all moral creeds.

He applied them in manhood to country and state;
To policies powerful and ideals great.
He lived for the good of a people, a race--
His memory cherished--no foe can we trace.
He conquered in war and in peace was devoid 
Of the strife of party we seldom avoid.

In age he grew wise in the ways that bring peace
And from strife and conflict the people release.
Let us honor his virtues and fortitude rare!
Let us follow the leader and with him compare!
He has laid a design both perfect and true;
It remains for all Masons to carry it through.

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