Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Last Supper

by James C. Taylor, PGC-DC

God chose the Passover as the time
For Christ's passion to be revealed,
The place, Jerusalem, to be sublime
And die for our sins to be healed.

Christ planned to share the Passover feast
With disciples whose mission was planned;
The meal, that extolled God's people released
From the Pharaoh's enslaving hand. 

He told them that the time was right
To depart and see scripture fulfilled, 
His loving students then pledged to fight 
To prevent Christ from being Killed. 

He quieted their plan to intercede
For He alone must answer this call,
And He washed their feet to show that to lead
One must be a servant to all.

He took bread and broke it and shared
His food As a token of sharing His life,
And they took the cup which was his blood
As a covenant to ease man's strife.

As the Passover meal released mankind 
From the bonds of slavery and toil, 
Christ's communion with us will assist us to find 
Serenity in life's turmoil.

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