Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Day of Light

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and it is also the Feast Day for the Archangel Uriel whose name translates as "God is my Light." In many churches and texts, you hardly hear about this angel, but this being is one most important in the angelic hierarchy and in his duties to God.

From sacred texts, Uriel is said to have guarded the Gates of Eden as well as being the guiding angel that led John the Baptist and his family to Egypt during the massacre ordered by King Herod. Uriel is also said to have warned Noah about the impending Great Flood that God was sending.

Uriel is considered an Archangel of Light as he guards and protects the time of summer and the summer solstice. He is the Angel of Wisdom (sometimes referred to as "Keeper of the Mysteries") as he is said to carry the supreme knowledge of all that is; likely, this is from his being also one of the Angels of Presence (an angel who is allowed to enter the very presence of God). He is associated with the Suit of Coins (or Pentacles) in Tarot and as such he is sometimes depicted holding a coin or a pentacle while at others he is shown holding a book to denote the divine wisdom he holds.

This archangel is associated with the element of Earth and the cardinal direction of North. It might seem ironic that, particularly in Masonic circles, the North is associated with darkness, but I believe he is associated with North because, like the element of Earth, it is associated with death or mortality as Uriel is referred to as the Angel of Death. He should not be feared though as he will bring us from this mortal shell and returning to Wholeness with the Most High God.

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