Sunday, March 3, 2019

Inaugural Convocation of Idaho Rose Circle

Today the Idaho Rose Circle met in full for the first time. We convened in Pocatello, ID, and initiated two new Fratres into the Society of the Rose and Cross. The officers did a fantastic job and I am so proud of all the hard work that the Fratres have done to bring the SRICF to Idaho.

This weekend was selected as it gave us enough time to build and purchase the paraphernalia needed to perform the Grade of Zelator. Also, the Grand Lodge of Idaho with one of its Lodges did an exemplification of the Master Mason degree on Saturday so enough of the College would already be in the area. Having it in Pocatello also made it easier for Fratres from Utah to attend.

Along with the initiation of two new Fratres, we also approved the purchase of officer stoles, and two new candidates were approved for initiation. The Advisory Council also announced the advancement of the Four Ancients to the Grades of the Second Order.


  1. This photo was shot in Pocatello Idaho. Portneuf lodge #18. Our banner is next to the flag. It meets each 1st Wed. 6:30 dinner $10 and 7:30 stated meeting.