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Templar Biography: Robert de Sablé

The eleventh Grand Master of the Templars, Robert de Sablé, is one of the most infamous and ruled during the Third Crusade.

He was born sometime in 1150 AD in the Anjou region of France to Robert III de Sablé and Hersende d'Anthenaise, a respected military family. His holdings were on land around the River Sarthe valley. He would go onto marry Clemence de Mayenne who gave birth to Marguerite and Philippa. After he joined the Templars, his property passed to his daughter, Marguerite, who was married to William des Roches.

During the Revolt of 1173, Robert de Sablé supported Henry the Young King who attempt to depose his father Henry II. Robert would remain in favor though as Richard the Lionheart, Henry's brother, ascended the English throne. Robert de Sablé served as counselor to King Richard I, the Lionheart, of England from 1190 - 1193 and led King Richard's navy into the Mediterranean where he took part in several successive campaigns that recaptures many fortresses and cities along the Levantine Coast that had been lost to the Christians. One of the most notable events was the Battle of Arsuf which occurred on September 7, 1191, and it resulted in a major defeat and retreat of Saladin's forces.

After the death of the previous Grand Master, Gérard de Ridefort, at the Siege of Acre in 1189 AD, Robert de Sablé was elected as Grand Master in 1191. At the time of Ridefort's death, Robert de Sablé was not even a member of the Templar order. There was a delay in electing a new Grand Master as the Templar order wanted to avoid losing a Grand Master during battles so they amended the Rule concerning the role of the Grand Master. A year before the elections was held, de Sablé joined the order and King Richard urged the Templars to elect de Sablé.

After his election as Grand Master, Robert de Sablé purchased the island of Cyprus from King Richard for 25,000 pieces of silver and served as Lord of Cyprus until 1193 when he sold the island to Guy de Lusignan, the King of Jerusalem; Jerusalem had been captured by the Muslims after the Battle of Hattin.

Robert de Sablé died on September 23, 1193, in Arsuf, Israel, and was succeeded by Gilbert Horal. De Sablé left a lasting legacy with the Templar order so much so that he was featured in the 2007 game Assassin's Creed where he portrayed one of the main antagonists


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