Sunday, June 14, 2020

Anti-Mason Disinformation: Masonic Police Patches

If the death of George Floyd and the senseless violence that has eclipsed the peaceful protests wasn't enough, anti-Masons are taking advantage of people's raw emotions to spread disinformation to further their agenda against the Masonic fraternity and cause further division.

As of late, this picture has emerged and has been frequently used as evidence that the Police are owned and ran by Freemasonry.

Anti-Masons, using this picture, come to the conclusion that the Police are not a legitimate body of government and are inherently evil by their subservience to Freemasonry. They think that an Obligation a Freemason takes overrides their loyalty and allegiance to anything else. Freemasons fail to understand or simply ignore the fact that our Obligations do not supersede the Obligations or duties to God, country, family, or friends.

Freemasons come from all walks of life and we take pride in our membership so many Masons have customized items personal to them to also reflect their membership. Those patches, pictured above, are collectibles only and not authorized for wearing on official uniforms or by any governmental agency.

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