Sunday, July 25, 2021


Well, I've spent the last 5-days in the Valley of the Sun enjoying the heat and taking some much-needed relaxation as well as enjoying some fellowship with my Knight Companions of the Red Cross of Constantine and Fratres of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (SRICF).

Thursday afternoon I checked in to the conference and ran into several Knight Companions and we then spent the remainder of the day in the Hospitality Suite. Friday was a relaxing day just hanging out with my Knight Companions in the Hospitality Suite before going to the evening social then ending the night back in the Hospitality Suite.

Saturday morning started with receiving the degree of Priest-Mason, or Installed Eusebius by the College of Viceroys for the Red Cross of Constantine. After lunch, I went to the Masonic Lodge to watch the conferral of the Grade of Zelator (or I°) on nine neophytes as courtesy work for Mexico Rose Circle on behalf of the Supreme Magus College. Saturday evening was taken up by the Banquet of the Southwest Red Cross of Constantine followed by drinks in the Hospitality Suite.

Sunday morning was all SRICF which started with presentations by three Fratres:

  • "Mineral & Metal Kingdoms: Mineral and metal transmutation, self-realization demonstration" by Frater Briggs B. Cunningham (Arizona College)
  • "Plant Kingdom: A Discourse on Spagyric Alchemy" by Frater Jaime Paul Lamb (Arizona College)
  • "Angels in Vermilion" by Frater PD Newman (Mississippi College)

After lunch, the Supreme Magus gave some remarks, and then the SW SRICF Conference was adjourned. This was the largest regional SRICF conference with around 40 Fratres representing 10 SRICF Colleges.

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