Sunday, July 23, 2023

Rocky Mountain SRICF Conference

Last weekend I attended the 2023 Rocky Mountain SRICF Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Normally, the SRICF College of that State would host the conference, but there is no College currently in Nevada so a few of us came together to plan and coordinate putting on this conference.

Friday night, a few of us had dinner and talked until the restaurant had to kick us out so the custodial staff could clean the place. Saturday afternoon, once the Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference was concluded, the SRICF Conference started with a practicum performed by Frater Jaime Lamb from Arizona College. After him, Frater Piers Vaughan, Junior Deputy Supreme Magus of the SRICF, gave a presentation on the Kabballah. The Fraters and some guests went and had dinner.

Sunday morning, Frater Piers opened Supreme Magus College and we conferred all four Grades of the First Order upon several worthy candidates from Nevada. We've laid the foundation for establishing Rosicrucianism permanently in Nevada and getting an SRICF College chartered. Now, I’ve flown across half the country and onto another work trip.

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