Thursday, May 9, 2024

Day of Ascension

Sir Knights,

Today, we commemorate the miraculous Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose divine journey signifies the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair, and righteousness over sin. As Knights Templar, we are entrusted with the solemn duty to uphold the virtues of Christianity, to defend the faith, and to protect the innocent with unwavering courage and resolve.

Let us emulate the courage and sacrifice of our predecessors, who stood firm against adversity and injustice. As we ascend higher in our spiritual and earthly endeavors, may we continue to be beacons of hope and defenders of truth in a world often shrouded in darkness.

As we stand united in our sacred mission, let us renew our commitment to the sacred vows we have sworn, to serve with honor, integrity, and valor. Together, let us march forward with steadfast determination, guided by the divine light that shines within each and every one of us.

On this hallowed day, let us offer prayers of gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us and seek guidance for the challenges that lie ahead. May the grace of the Almighty be upon us always, guiding our steps and illuminating our path.

In the spirit of unity and fraternity, I wish you all a blessed Ascension Day. May the Blessed Redeemer guide and protect us as we journey forth, ever faithful to the sacred calling of the Knights Templar.

Tuum in Christo

This stone has an imprint of a foot and is said to be the spot from which Christ ascended to heaven. I took this picture in November 2022 when I visited Israel.

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