Saturday, November 12, 2011

Under 40's committee

During the Northwest York Rite Conference last month we were briefed by the General Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons International (GGCRAM) about a new committee being formed, called "Under 40's." This new committee is aimed to keep the General Grand Chapter "abreast of the needs and aims of our newer younger members".

It will be led by a national chairman with regional chairman, all assigned by the General Grand High Priest.  Then there will be a chairman for each State/jurisdiction to be chosen by the Grand High Priest.

That leads me to the current goals of the committee.
1. Determine the interest of the “40 and Under” demographic of R.A.M.
2. Assist in providing content for the R.A.M. E-magazine
3. Update the training ligature of the GGCRAM
4. Assist in the organization of a ‘Future Leaders’ Program
I am currently working on a survey for new members and absent members alike to see what they would like to see from the York Rite.  I'm trying to maximize the experience of the members, revitalize and stimulate the Companions.

If anyone is interested in assisting with this committee, contact your State's Ambassador to the General Grand Chapter.


  1. I wish this were something presented at the North Central Department meeting. The Chapter and Council are our weakest points in the Rite, and are in dire need of re-invigoration.

  2. Also, how does one get on this committee? I am under 40 (closer to 30), and a Grand Council and Grand Comandery officer in Iowa.

  3. Contact your State's Ambassador to the General Grand Chapter, and he should put you in contact with the Committee Chairman.