Monday, February 20, 2012

Old Masonic Monitor

Well, one of the Entered Apprentices of my Lodge found this monitor in a pawn shop and he let me borrow it for a few days to peruse through it. The book dates back to the late 19th century and contains not only the 3 degrees of Craft Masonry, but also the Mark Master degree, a Past and Present Master degree, Most Excellent Master degree, Royal Arch Masonry, Order of the High Priesthood, the Royal & Select Master degrees, and the Chivalric Orders.

The one noticeable thing about the Chivalric Orders though, was that the Order of Malta wasn't in between the Order of the Red Cross and Order of the Temple, it appears after the Order of the Temple.

Here are some of the photos of the monitor:

Book folded up next to a BIC pen

Entered Apprentice

Fellow Craft

Master Mason

Mark Master

Present or Past Master

Most Excellent Master

Royal Arch

Order of High Priesthood

Royal Master

Select Master

Knights of the Cross

Knights Templar

Knights of Malta

Charge to the Commandery

Royal Arch & Commandery Jewels

Lodge jewels

Templar Song

Templar Song (continued)
It's a fascinating read to see how much the degrees and rituals have changed. I hope you all enjoy these pictures.

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