Monday, September 10, 2012

Associate Bethel Guardian

This evening was the first meeting for the newly installed Honored Queen of Bethel No.29, Job's Daughters International. Prior to the meeting, the Guardian Council was installed. I was installed as Associate Bethel Guardian, which is the Masonic connection to the Bethel and male Guardian.  I assist in the duties of the Guardian and one of my more important duties is to verify the petitioner's Masonic affiliation. The Vice Associate Grand Guardian of the Grand Bethel of Idaho is a good friend and he said to me the other day, "Remember, T-L-C.  Tote. Lug. Carry. Those are your biggest duties."  I just laughed.

I have been with this Bethel since 2009 and have enjoyed their company and I was ecstatic when the previous Bethel Guardian told me I had been chosen to be the Associate Bethel Guardian. I think this will be a fun year as this Bethel has a great group of young ladies who I get to mentor and watch grow.

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