Saturday, March 9, 2013

Initiated into the Knight Masons

Well, today I was initiated into the Order of Knight Masons of the USA. The Order of Knight Masons is often referred to as the Green Degrees of Freemasonry.

There are currently no Knight Mason Councils in Idaho so I was invited to join Clontarf Council No.69 which is in Washington. Originally I was going to ride with the Brother who had nominated me, but he got sick so I decided to drive by myself up to Olympia. Most of the trip was fine until I was around The Dalles (about an hour East of Portland) when my battery light came on. I stopped by an O'Reilly's Auto shop and got a new battery. I thought all was well and good, but a few hours later when I was just South of Olympia the battery light came back on and my engine started acting funny so I pulled over. I tried to take off, but then my truck wouldn't shift up in gears so I pulled back over and shut off my engine. When I tried to turn it back on it acted like the battery was dead; I think the entire time it was a bad alternator. I was tired and irritated so I gave up and called for Roadside Assistance who towed me to my hotel. Part of me thinks I should have flown up to Seattle and taken a rental car down to Olympia.

This morning came too soon and one of the local Brothers and member of the Knight Masons came and picked me up. While preparations were being made for the ceremony and lunch, I sat around with the other four candidates present.

After lunch the degrees started where I was initiated into the 3-degrees, that of Knight of the Sword (communicated), Knight of the East, and Knight of the East & West. As I talked about in my post on the Knight Masons, these degrees surround the character Zerubbabel.

I'd like to thank the Excellent Chief and his officers for conferring these degrees on me. I enjoyed the ceremony and the fellowship. Now it's time for some dinner and to get my truck fixed.

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