Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Supreme Family in Idaho

Idaho had the pleasure of hosting the Supreme Guardian, Miss International Job's Daughter, and Supreme Bethel Honored Queen while they came through Boise. At their request the 6-Bethels in the Treasure Valley area came together for joint meetings; three on Monday and three on Wednesday.

Monday night, Bethels No.6, No.29, and No.31 congregated at the Boise Masonic Temple. Bethel No.6 opened, Bethel No.29 (my Bethel) conducted the business portion to include presiding over the String of Pearl's ceremony, and Bethel No.31 closed using the Closing Cross formation with 30+ Daughters. The String of Pearl's ceremony is a special ceremony dedicated to Mother Mick, the founder of Job's Daughters.

Remarks were given by many, including myself, but the Supreme Guardian gave an amazing speech.

Tonight (Wednesday), Bethels No.5, No.8, and No.48 met at the Boise Scottish Rite Center. These Daughters and those who met on Monday did an amazing job and displayed the excellence of Job's Daughters in Idaho.

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