Monday, May 27, 2013

Order of the Sword of Bunker HIll

Last Saturday I was initiated into the Order of the Sword of Bunker Hill. I have known about this group for a while, but in name only. According to its website, the Order is described as:
Historical and patriotic side Order of Masonry founded to perpetuate the principles of American Liberty, and to indelibly impress upon the minds of each generation the sacrifices made by our Masonic forefathers in forming and establishing the United States of America.
The Order was founded by Frank Goodspeed Taylor on October 15, 1912, in Oregon, IL, and since its establishment has initiated more than 100,000 Master Masons. This is not to be considered a Masonic degree, but an order conferred upon a Master Mason in good standing. 

The purpose of the group is:
To promote the interest of Masonry by encouraging a more regular attendance at its meeting. To form a social and fraternal organization to perpetuate the principles of American liberty. To instill into the minds of each generation the sacrifices of our Masonic forefathers in forming our great republic. To forever inspire patriotism and loyalty by administering to every candidate for our Order the oath of allegiance to state and nation. To provide a time and place for good clean fun. To further cement our friendship and brotherly love by providing social entertainment. To contribute a portion of our initiation free to a worthy Masonic charity.
The national body is called the "Grand Order Sword of Bunker Hill" with the presiding officer known as Grand Commander in Chief. Constituent bodies are referred to as "Orders" and have nine officers, with a Commander in Chief presiding. The Grand Order also has a Noble Council, District Commanders, Liaison Officers, and Ambassadors-at-Large.

It is important to note that no officer, at any level, is given a salary and all monies raised are given to Masonic youth groups or charities. The only fee for a member is the initiation fee of $25.

I am hoping to get my Order more active in Idaho. I must recognize and give kudos to Dave Grindle, Right Puissant General Grand Recorder of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International, for all he has done to re-activate this dormant constituent Order.

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