Saturday, October 19, 2013

Eastern Star and York Rite

It's been a busy last few days of Masonry. On Wednesday my Eastern Star Chapter had its Official Visit by the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron of Idaho. The day started with the School of Instruction where the Grand Matron gives advice and tips to the performance of our rituals. We then exemplified the Initiation ritual and as Worthy Patron of my Chapter, I have a very large part. Everyone did a fantastic job. We had a nice dinner before going into the meeting where the sidelines were filled with guests from all over the State.

After finishing up with class on Thursday, I headed to the Red Lion in downtown Boise to attend the Wine and Cheese Social that kicked off the 2013 Northwest Regional York Rite Conference. It was a good night to run into some of my Companions I haven't seen in several months to several years. Afterward several of us met up at a Companion's room to enjoy some good Scotch. The camaraderie was amazing as we talked about anything and everything with a good group of men; even the Most Puissant General Grand Masters of Cryptic Masons International stopped in for a bit. Friday I attended the Grand Encampment's Breakout Session and enjoyed some of the presentations by the Most Eminent Grand Master and his officers (I refer more to this in a post towards the end of the year).

After the Breakout Sessions were finished for the day, we had some time before the Social Hour and Banquet started so I hung out with some of the Twin Falls Companions. When it came time for the Banquet I had the pleasure of bringing a good friend and Brother who was in town from Portland for the Boise State Homecoming game that is today. Larry Weaver, the Most Puissant General Grand Master, initiated a new member into the Order of the Secret Vault. I, along with several others, were honored with a medallion for our completion of the 3rd Year of the Emerging Leader program. For our 4th Year we must propose and complete a project a body of the York Rite at one of the jurisdictional levels.

The Medallion for completing the 3rd Year of the Emerging Leader Program

It has been a busy last week or so, and more is to come in the next coming weeks, but now it's time for some Boise State football! GO BRONCOS!!

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