Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Am a Mark Master

From the Grand Chapter of Illinois website:
By J. Bradley Koehler
I skilfully worked the stone, it was hard, rough, and cold. 
Then taken from me and thrown, only square work I was told. 
I felt so useless and ashamed, the Overseers were on guard. 
They sent me whence I came, in quarries where I laboured hard. 
The weeks end came about, and I went to collect my pay. 
"Impostor", the others shout, and I was abruptly taken away. 
The Craftsmen began to protest, then they all started to roil. 
An end was put to the unrest, and then all returned to toil. 
Others would watch to see, as I continued on my piece. 
When their eyes were on me, my drudgery would increase. 
Arrival of inspection day, hearing the words, true work. 
Then listen to hear them say, after another glance, good work. 
Facing the men behind cages, this time was not a disaster. 
Taught to collect my wages, now, I am a Mark Master.

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