Saturday, November 9, 2013

Initiated into the Royal Order of Scotland

Today I was honored to be initiated into the Royal Order of Scotland. I flew up on Thursday so I could relax and visit some friends in Seattle on Friday. Friday night I had lunch with an Oregon Brother and his wife then went to another Brother's room and drank Scotch well past midnight. I am definitely looking forward to this next year. 

Saturday came with an early morning swim then I headed to the registration table to meet up with some Brothers from Oregon and Washington. The initiation commenced and all I can say is "WOW!" The Provincial Grand Lodge officers did an amazing job with the conferring of the ritual. It was an honor to go through this not only for the lessons imparted, but as this was the last meeting prior to the transitional meeting where Ed Fowler, Provincial Grand Master of the USA, turns over the reigns to Bro. James Winzenreid. There were in attendance many Brothers who are very active in one way or another in the Craft and the exemplar of our class was first the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge F&AM of Washington as well as a Brother from the Lebanese Consulate for the 2nd degree (Knights of the Rosy Cross).

After the ceremony had finished, several of us adjourned to my room and enjoyed some Scotch...and by a few I mean I had to have the hotel bring more glasses to my room. The banquet was an enjoyable time that had delicious food and great speakers. I did enjoy the weekend as I finally got to meet Matt Dupee, Grand Master General of the Convent General of the Knights of the York Cross of Honor as well as the Sovereign Grand Master of the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees. I also met Ed Fowler, Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland; Rev. William Hartman, Grand Chaplain of the Provincial Grand Lodge and Grand Prelate of the Grand Encampment; Bryce Hildreth, Provincial Grand Master of Provincial Grand Court of the USA, Masonic Order of Athelstan.

Now it's time to relax for a bit before I take off tomorrow back to Idaho.

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