Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finished with Masonic Week

Well, today was an exciting day. The first meeting for me was the Grand College of Rites and I want to congratulate Lonnie, the new Grand Chancellor, and Jerry, the new Grand Registrar, for being elected as well as all of the new officers. I also want to congratulate Most Illustrious Pierre "Pete" Normand on his year as 2013-2014 Grand Chancellor. The Philalethes Society threw a great luncheon with Arturo de Hoyos as the guest speaker.

With the afternoon came the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) of the United States of America and a very interesting session and which lasted quite a while. Once that was finished the Grand Master's Council met and I was initiated into the AMD. I was caught off guard at first when they said I was going through, but I'd like to thank Reed and Joe for this. Next was the Banquet of the Grand Council of the AMD. At this banquet the new officers were installed with Robert Davis as Sovereign Grand Master, but I was happy to be in attendance to see the Grand Council of Romania of AMD established and the Sovereign Grand Master Gabi Gherasim installed.

After a quick changing of clothing I attended and was initiated into the Masonic Order of the Bath which was a fun degree to go through. The rest of the night was spent sipping on Scotch and talking shop with a few other Brothers. It was good to see Brothers from all over the United States, Brazil, Italy, Romania, England, and Canada. I can't wait for next years meetings.

Now I sit at the Dulles Airport, ready to head home and I hope that this trip going home is smoother than coming here.

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