Saturday, February 15, 2014

Masonic Week 2014 So Far

Well, what a crazy last few days this has been. The trip started off very rough. I was supposed to arrive in Dulles International Airport on Wednesday night, but a large snowstorm slapped the East Coast and canceled my flight out of Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. They booked me on flights the following morning so I had a chance to go and visit Unizar Lodge No.347 with Nick from the Millennial Freemason. After the Lodge meeting, a few of us went over to a Brothers house and had some drinks as well as some great discussions; I particularly enjoyed my discussion with a Past Grand Master of the MWPHGL of Minnesota on the history of Prince Hall Masonry. The next morning a Brother dropped me off at the airport where I was met with cancelled flight after cancelled flight. After racing around the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport I got settled on a reservation that would get me to Baltimore via Detroit the following morning, Friday, which meant that I missed the St. Thomas of Acon meetings. The silver lining for Thursday is that I gained a beautiful traveling companion coming from Winnipeg and we kept each other company while we were stuck at the airports.

Friday morning came and I made it to Baltimore. I had to take a bus, 2 changes on the DC Metro, and one taxi cab to get to the Hyatt in Reston. As I arrived, I ran into 2 good friends and they helped me get checked in and up to my hotel room where I took one of the greatest showers ever. Afterward I ran into Brother Brent Morris and others in a great discussion. Afterward I attended meetings of the Sovereign Order of the Knights Preceptor, the Masonic Society banquet, and the Order of Corks. At the banquet of the Masonic Society I was honored to sit with Dr. Mike Kearsley (Prestonian Lecture 2014), Chris Hodapp, and several others. We listened to Bro. Robert Davis give an excellent presentation on the authenticity of Freemasonry and the obligations we have as a Fraternity to our members.

By the end of the day I was just exhausted, but I stayed up talking with several Brothers who came up to the Hospitality Suite. Once I was able to get to bed and my head hit my pillows though I was gone to the world. Here I am though fully recharged and ready for the day. On today's schedule is the Allied Masonic Degrees, the Grand College of Rites, and the Order of Bath. I look forward to it all.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a super exciting time! The discussion with a Past Grand Master of the MWPHGL of Minnesota on the history of Prince Hall Masonry mat have been awesome. I've enjoyed what little PH I've seen and had great times with PH brothers.