Friday, January 1, 2016


by Sir Knight James C. Taylor, PDC, PGC

Time can be fickle, elusive and mean. 
It can change in length with every age 
As the scenes progress on each life's stage 
Though one knows he can't hurry his dream. 

Time travels slow like a turtle's feet; 
A child thinks Christmas will never arrive, 
The teenager cannot wait to drive, 
And life's joys we cannot wait to meet. 

Time can stand still when one wants it to pass: 
When awaiting the birth of a first child 
Or accomplishing our goals or making a mark in the world. 
It's like watching the growth of the grass.

When September years come, we say "Where did time go? 
I haven't done all that I wanted to do." 
Body and mind going, our lives are near through, 
We were young not that long ago.

And when we are old, time plods, there's no thrill 
In waiting for life to end when it's late. 
We think of loved ones who've passed heaven's gate, 
For just them alone, time stands still.

But we cannot alter the clock's steady knell. 
What counts are the accomplishments of today. 
Dwell not in the future or the past and just pray 
That you use your time wisely and well. 

So living life daily can be sublime, 
If one will "do unto others" with a smile on his face. 
By performing good deeds and enhancing God's grace, 
We thank him for the gift of time.

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