Friday, March 18, 2016

Lodge of Excellence

While I have many different titles and ranks within Freemasonry, my primary focus has always been to the Blue Lodge and I don't always pay heed to the Blue Lodge on this site, but I have to take a minute to say that tonight was an excellent night for Lodge.

To give some backstory, in Idaho to be a Warden you have to earn a Certificate in Proficiency in Opening and Closing in all 3-degrees as well as complete a test on Masonic Law. To be elected Worshipful Master, one has to have served as a Warden of a Lodge as well as show proficiency in conferring all 3-degrees; giving the 1st degree lecture, staircase lecture, G lecture, and 3rd degree lecture; and preside over a stated communication prior to the election. Okay, now back to my story.

Thursday night I received text messages from my Lodge's Senior Deacon who was asking for help with his proficiency. Friday afternoon I went to his house and we worked on Opening and Closing in the 3rd Degree and drank some great scotch (Balvenie 21). That night my Lodge was going to meet to confer the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on a Brother. I would be giving the lecture as well as serving in other parts during the conferral, but I was pleased to see my Lodge's Senior Deacon open the Lodge as near perfect as could be done. Then for the Conferral and Raising, my Lodge's Junior Warden stepped up to do that part and check that off of the list of things to do to be elected Worshipful Master. The Junior Warden did a fantastic job and I am so pleased with my Brothers tonight. To summarize, 2 officers completed 3 items on the Warden/WM proficiency checklist as well as Raising a new Master Mason.

Words cannot fully explain what a great night of brotherhood I experienced tonight.

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