Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Triumphal Entry

by James C. Taylor, PGC-DC

He rode through the crowd with humility
On the back of an unbroken colt, 
To fulfill the historic prophecy 
That a Messiah would come for revolt.

A king who would come to save the world 
From the ills that besieged mankind, 
His banner would proudly be unfurled 
To save the oppressed and the blind.

He was pictured by people in different ways 
Some thinking his mission to be 
A warrior leader to end the days 
Of the harsh Roman tyranny.

Or those seeking justice from Herod's hand 
Who sent John to his Master above, 
But most of the people did not understand 
That His was a mission of love.

But He entered Jerusalem hailed as a king 
By the meek and the pure in heart, 
Who knew Him as one who healed and would bring 
Redemption, God's grace to impart.

He threw traders out of the temple to spare 
The Lord, who for his home grieves, 
"My house shall be called a house of prayer 
But you make it a den of thieves."

Christ taught and healed in God's holy place, 
The priests asked "whence do you preach?" 
They felt that his deeds were to them a disgrace 
As just priests had the power to teach.

His being the Christ was unsuspected 
When He quoted the psalm for the scorner, 
"The stone which the builders rejected 
Became the headstone of the corner."

He made enemies of the priests that day 
When he accused them of selfish denial, 
And they plotted to get Him out of the way 
With the help of a Roman tribunal.

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