Tuesday, September 6, 2016

32nd Birthday

Today is my 32nd birthday! This has been a great year of my life: being initiated into the SRICF, being installed in my first elected Grand office, helping found a Chapel of St. Thomas of Acon, hitting 10-years in Freemasonry, and earning my Master of Arts in Political Science from Boise State University.

Looking back on my life, 5-years ago I was sitting in Iraq, dodging a morning rocket attack. I was supposed to be back in the United States days earlier, but due to a mishap with the transport paperwork I, and the equipment for my platoon, were held up for a couple extra weeks. I spent the morning of my 27th birthday sitting in Green Bean, a coffee shop on the base, surfing the Internet until the alarms went off sounding an incoming indirect fire attack. I hated having to celebrate my birthday in Iraq, away from my family and friends, but the next morning I would leave and THAT was a great feeling; it was still early enough that on the West Coast of the United States so it was still my birthday and there was nor greater birthday present than that...going home.

It has been an amazing 5-years since leaving Iraq. My family and friends have given me so much love and support that I know that I am truly blessed. Now I'm going to have dinner with my family then beers with friends.

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