Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Cornerstone

By R J McLaughlin

We have laid the stone all truly with a craftsman’s care
We have tested it and tried it by the level, plumb and square
We have made a firm foundation for our children’s children toil
And empty poured the vessels of their corn and wine and oil

What further is remaining save stone on stone to rear
That soon the finished building in its glory, shall appear?
What more to do than giving to this pile its latest touch
And a Voice that stirs the stillness makes this answer, “There is much.”

“There is work to do my brothers, wrought of neither stone nor steel
And never dome nor tower can its majesty reveal,
For this the nobler labour, ere his toil can make it whole
Must be preformed in darkness in the master craftsman’s soul.”

“There are works of loving kindness and of charity and good
And a structure to be builded with the stones of brotherhood
For this mighty temple fabric is an empty, mocking shell
Unless within there be built a shrine of souls as well.

Take heed then master craftsmen, when this temple shall arise
With its brave and gleaming towers pointing grandly to the skies
Let yourselves compose the structure, let yourselves the temple be
That shall stand in great proportions until all eternity.

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