Wednesday, February 21, 2018

An Update on my Father

Back in December, I posted the tragic news that my father has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer. Christmas was both joyous and emotional for my family. The cancer had eaten at his pelvic bone, but with the radiation treatment he received in January, he does not require the use of crutches anymore.

At the end of January, people from Emmett came together for a Benefit Dinner and raised funds to assist my father with his medical bills. It was very moving to see my father go to the dinner to see the hundreds of people show up to show him their support. There are no words to describe the gratitude my family has for all of the support my father has received.

My dad is now in Week 5 of his target therapy drug and all would be well, but he is still fighting nausea.

Even if you cannot provide any financial support for #BackupForBrad, please keep my father in your thoughts and prayers.

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