Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Light in the Temple

By Carl W. Mason

In the ancient days of story, 
When the fathers sought the light, 
And the temple's golden glory 
Blazed on old Moriah's height 
Deep within the sacred portals 
Of that holy house of prayer, 
Thrilling awed and trembling mortals, 
Burned a mystic brightness there.

Day and night its glow extended 
Thru the calm religious gloom, 
While the long-robed priests attended 
In the consecrated room. 
'Twas the pure Shekineh gleaming,- 
Symbol of the eternal God, 
As His light, 'mid darkness beaming, 
Dwells within the human clod.

Tell me, brother, as you travel 
On the rugged earthly way, 
Should the Master Builder's gavel 
Sound your final call today 
As your weary feet are turning 
At the summons to depart, 
Can you find the God-light burning 
In the temple of your heart?

Could you find the clear rays brightly 
Showing a record called Well done,- 
Telling good deeds wrought uprightly, 
Battles fought and victories won? 
Has the pure divine example 
Been for you the better part, 
Safely lodged within the temple 
Of a true Masonic heart?

Let your willing hands be doing 
Daily for a brother's needs, 
Thus the sacred flame renewing 
With the oil of kindly deeds. 
Keep your temple swept and garnished 
With your tenets' rule divine, 
And your light, its ray untarnished, 
Thru the night will ever shine.

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