Sunday, February 13, 2022

2022 Masonic Week

It was great to be back at Masonic Week and to socialize with my Brothers after the hiatus forced on us last year due to COVID19. I got in on Wednesday where I spent the afternoon catching up with some Brothers.

Thursday started with the meeting of Trinity Chapel No.3 of Ye Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon followed by the Grand Masters Council of Ye Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon. I assisted Trinity Chapel with conferring the order by serving as Deputy Marshal and then, during the closing, as Prior. After lunch, the Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor met which was followed by the conferring of the first Three Grades of the Order of the Scarlet Cord.

My Friday kicked off with watching the conferral of the Knight Commander of the Red Branch of Eri. After that, the Grand Council of Knight Masons of the USA met and one of the recipients of the Knight Commander of Zerubbabel came from my Council. Following lunch, the Society of the Blue Friars and the Council of Nine Muses No.13 of the Allied Masonic Degrees met. In the evening, the degrees of Ark & Done, Worshipful Commander Noah (Royal Ark Mariner), and Installed Supreme Ruler (Order of the Secret Monitor) were conferred. Friday night was taken up by the Masonic Society dinner and Antient Order of Corks.

Saturday started with the Grand College of Rites of the USA, conferral of the Fourth Grade (Councillor) of the Royal Order of the Masonic Knights of the Scarlet Cord, and then the Philalethes Society. Saturday afternoon saw the 130th Annual Convocation of the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the USA. After the All Masonic Banquet, the night was full of fraternity and celebration. Now it's time to pack and get ready for my trip home.

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