Thursday, October 27, 2011

Academy of Masonic Knowledge - Grand Lodge of PA

During this last weekend I found out on The Sanctum Sanctorum forum that there would be a meeting of the Academy of Masonic Knowledge in the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA, today, I decided it was time for some traveling so I booked a flight, car, and hotel immediately.

Academy Introduction

The Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge will strive to create an environment that will encourage Masons to seek a greater understanding of the nature and purposes of Freemasonry in all its many aspects - past, present, and future - and to share that understanding with others.

To this end, the Academy will offer learning opportunities in which Masons may participate in dialogues with similarly inclined brethren, witness prominent Masonic scholars discussing various aspects of Freemasonry, and pursue home study at their own pace and in their own areas of interest, through publications on Masonic subjects recommended by the Academy.

In addition to providing a learning experience for Freemasons, the Academy will be a vehicle affording recognition to Masons who share their knowledge of Freemasonry with fellow Masons or the public by the written or spoken word.

The Academy Logo

The Academy logo symbolizes the Academy of Masonic Knowledge’s unyielding pursuit of academic ideas, the achievements of our past, the bright future ahead for Freemasonry, and the fraternity’s dedication to high goals. The Field, or Banner, refers to ideals of essential importance:
Alpha, or Advancement of Organizational Ideals

Sigma, or Scholastic Achievement

Gamma, or Fellowship
The Laurel symbolizes victory, or triumph, and the continued pursuit of academic ideals.

The Torches are symbolic of learning and remind us that every person is a potential source of knowledge, with the added responsibility to bring enlightenment to all who encounter it.

The Chevron is symbolic of rank, or merit. The three points of the Chevron represent the individual Brother, his Masonic affiliation, and the Nation.

The Shield, bearing the Square and Compasses and the letter “G” symbolizes protection of our fraternity through the dissemination of God’s Truth.

The Agenda

The day started out with a wonderful presentation by S. Brent Morris.

If you are interested in joining, go to this site.

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