Saturday, October 15, 2011

North West Regional York Rite Conference

The North West Regional York Rite Conference (NWYR) was held in Boise, Idaho, this year.  Thursday was to get registered and socialize with other attendants at a Wine & Cheese social.  It was good to see everyone after being absent for a year, and as well as to meet several new faces.

Afterward, a number of us went over to the Boise Masonic Temple to hold the October York Rite business meeting where the Commandery opened up and presided over.  I felt a little rusty at first, but it came back to me soon enough.  Since both the Illustrious Master and Deputy Master were absent I had the honor of acting as Illustrious Master for the Council.  This meeting was important as we set up the cast for the upcoming Fall Festival happening in November.  As the current Most Worshipful Grand Master will not be attending Day 1 of the Festival, I have volunteered to take his spot in the Royal Master and a Past Grand Master will not be there for Day 2 so I am taking his spot in the Order of Malta...that of Prior.  It will be a great time.

Friday started out with presentations by the General Grand Chapter, General Grand Council, and Grand Encampment.  This lasted until lunch then we broke into different groups.  Many could choose between the 3 bodies, but a few of us were asked to sit in on a Leaders Program put on by Sir Knight John Palmer, editor of the Knights Templar Magazine.  In the first session, we went over a great deal to include a very brief history of American Templary, personality types, and styles of leadership.  It started the juices flowing in how I can best help assist and lead the Masonic bodies I will be a member of.

After a brief recess, we gathered for a social hour before the Grand Banquet.  Great food with some great drinks.  After we were done the Grand Encampment presented a belated certificate to a Sir Knight who had been a Grand Commander in the 90s.  Then for some post-dinner entertainment, we watched as the boys and girls of the Tiernan Irish Dancers presented us various dances.  At all levels and ages, it was quite impressive and the kids did a fantastic job.

I had thought I would relax the rest of the night, but the men of Kappa Sigma requested my presence to help out with a Question Night with the Pledges.  I was there till 2am before I had to call it quits and get some sleep.

Saturday morning brought a delicious meal from the Brothers of Oriental Lodge #60 then it was back to the Leadership Program with Sir Knight John Palmer where he finished his excellent program.  Among those there, we traded emails and phone numbers to keep in touch.  Then some of us gathered for the final meal, a baked potato lunch.  Said goodbye to those heading out of the area and now it's time for a nap.

I have a lot to think about, and really to start planning and implementing. After these last few days the horizon looks good for a busy Fall/Winter for me.

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