Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kappa Sigma - 142 years of Excellence

Today marks the 142nd Anniversary of the founding of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.  I have had the pleasure of being in Kappa Sigma for the last 5-years.  I have gained a great set of friends and Brothers, particularly my Pledge Brothers who I spent countless hours with during our Pledgeship.

The Motto
The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worthy to wear it. He must be a gentleman ... a man of honor and courage ... a man of zeal, yet humble ... an intelligent man ... a man of truth ... one who tempers action with wisdom and, above all else, one who walks in the light of God.

The Kappa Sigma fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia on December 10th, 1869.  This fraternity was founded by what the Brothers of Kappa Sigma call "The Five Friends and Brothers".  They are William Grigsby McCormick, George Miles Arnold, Frank Courtney Nicodemus, John Covert Boyd, and Edmund Law Rogers.

Alongside the Founders of our Fraternity, the Golden Hearted Virginian is probably one of the most famous men within Kappa Sigma.  Stephen Alonzo Jackson, the Golden Hearted Virginian, was not only the first Worthy Grand Master, but was also the writer of our Constitution and architect of our Ritual.

During his speech at the 2nd Grand Conclave in 1878 talked about the expansion of this Brotherhood, and the following words are still recited by all Pledges and Brothers today:
Why not, my Brothers, since we of today live and cherish the principles of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, throw such a halo around those principles that they may be handed down as a precious heirloom to ages yet unborn? Why not put our apples of gold in pictures of silver? May we not rest contentedly until the Star and Crescent is the pride of every college and university in the land!

AEKΔB Brothers!!

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