Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Knights of Jesus

From "The Poetry Of Freemasonry" by Rob Morris

We meet upon the naked blade, we cross the glittering steel,
Opposing foot to foot we stand, our Knightly vows to seal;
Erect as men, with watchword high, of truth and victory,
The Templar Knight brings forth his blade to conquer or to die.
We are the Knights of Jesus,
Our word — EMMANUEL.

We meet before the Sepulcher, and sheathe the blood-stained sword;
In awe-struck silence gaze we on the Rising of the Lord!
No earthly victory this, and yet the greatest battle's won, —
The Father triumphs over death through Jesus Christ, the Son!
We are the Knights of Jesus,
Our watchword — GOLGOTHA.

We meet around the tri form, Sir Knights, can we forget
The hour, the place, the scene? Ah, no, they haunt our memory yet;
And while one spark of honor kindles in the Knightly heart,
We vow that in eternal scorn we'll hold the traitor's part.
We are the Knights of Jesus,
Our line of labor — TRUTH

The widow and the orphan hail the flashing of our steel;
The maid forlorn and innocent cloth Knightly aid appeal;
Pilgrims, who seek Jerusalem, our timely succor greet,
And this is Christian work for which the Templar Masons meet.
We are the Knights of Jesus,

And when the bitter cup is quaffed, which flesh and sense abhor,
And banner cased and good swords sheathed, and words of parting o'er,
Then, by the Throne, beside the LAMP, whose service is so sweet,
We hope, Sir Knights, in endless rest, in endless bliss to meet,
We are the Knights of Jesus,


  1. Rob Morris wrote some truly awful poetry. His claim to fame is the Order of the Eastern Star..That he did well.

  2. I don't mind most of his poetry.

    Eastern Star he did do rather well.