Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eleven Years of Service

Today marks the day 11-years ago that I raised my right hand to defend the Constitution of this great nation and enlisted into the Idaho Army National Guard.

I enlisted at the age of 17 so my first trial was to convince my parents to sign the paperwork. I enlisted under the "Split-Option" so I went to Basic Training between my Junior and Senior year of high school then attended Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for Intelligence Analyst in 2003. I deployed in 2004 to Kirkuk, Iraq. In 2007, I attended the training needed to become an Unmanned Aircraft Operator and deployed in 2010 where I acted as Mission Coordinator/Shift Supervisor. I held that job until December 2012 when I went back to the Intelligence community.

I have had an array of experiences and gained many invaluable skills. I have also made many great friends like Ryan who I've known my entire career and two others I call the Twins who I watched come in and, now as I leave, they are emerging as leaders of the Platoon.

I am now down to my final year within the military and will not be re-enlisting due to my knee and back injuries.

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