Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Grand Priory of the Rectified Scottish Rite of the USA has been dissolved!

Here is some breaking news regarding the Rectified Scottish Rite and the Grand Encampment:

I wonder what will happen with the other Rectified Scottish Rites and what their status shall be. I hope that America can keep this organization as it is truly a spectacular organization. I am curious to see how this will affect our relations with the British Templars who were moving towards removing recognition from the Grand Encampment.


  1. So our best chance to have a more accessible CBCS is now gone? Those suppers must be amazing. ;)


  2. I wonder how the "dinner club" will function since it says it's not a "templar order", but their charter says "templar order" on it. I don't see why they refuse to fall under the Grand Encampment, but it seems pride has made fools of both sides.

    1. What bothers me about a lot of York Rite honorary bodies is that they ignore a simple truth in American Masonry, there is no General Grand Lodge. Frankly, there should not exist a Grand Priory of America because America is not a single Masonic district. It is 51 sovereign jurisdictions. If a group of Masons within a state want the CBCS, they should only need ask for a charter and get the blessing from their Grand Lodge after the charter has been received. America is not nor ever will be a single Masonic jurisdiction.


  3. 1. I wonder why there is this continuing perception that the CBCS is a dinner club? Further, I had rather thought that dinners were to be encouraged with our Masonic meetings.

    2. The comments regarding access to the degree are mistaken in fact and philosophy. Access has expanded and by this argument, everyone should be a 33rd Degree AASR Mason, a member of Red Cross of Constantine, or HRAKTP, etc. Some of our bodies are invitational. The other issue ignored is that assuming access is inappropriately limited, two wrongs don't make a right. Obtaining a charter from an irregular source is not the proper means to resolve the problem.

    3. The thought that GEKT controls everything that mentions Templar is mislaid. If that were the case, there are AASR degrees which would have to be moved over to the GEKT.

    4. It isn't just York Rite bodies which are national in scope, as evidenced by CBCS not being a York Rite body. AASR is essentially so, being divided into two groups. National Sojourners and some 20 others are as well.

    5. One wonders what will happen to the rather expensive $700 dues which were paid and where the funds came from used by GEKT to sue GMCNA over this issue. That bothers me far more than whether something is or is not Templar

  4. I understand the arguments and I stand by the original body, but I'm just pointing the discussions. I don't mean to start an argument or flare up passions of the issue.