Saturday, August 17, 2013

Goodbye Cabin

These last couple of weeks I've been busy with military training, but I must stop to make a sad me at least. My father called me today to inform me that my family's cabin has burned down in the Elk Creek Complex Fire.

My grandfather built this cabin and it has become an icon of my family that has been a home away from home for 4 generations of my family. I have so many fond memories from this place and it saddens me to see that it could not be saved.

This cabin was a sanctuary for me. As a child I always looked forward to going to the cabin for the summer and, when I was old enough, to go hunting in the Fall for deer. This cabin rested on the hillside just a short distance from Anderson Ranch Dam (Fall Creek side) and in the summertime, we'd always take my grandfather's pontoon boat out on the reservoir for Kokane fishing. A short drive we could go find some amazing sites. After my first deployment to Iraq, the Cabin was one of the first places I visited after making it back to Idaho. My dad and I drove all night through a nice little snowstorm to make it there. We unpacked and I laid down and slept for 16-hours straight. This place was one of serenity. It echoed peace and tranquility, and I have so many wonderful memories of this place that I could write forever. The shortest thing to say is that it was a symbol of my childhood and now it's gone. All that remains is my memories.

From here I don't know what will happen to the property, but I hope my grandfather decides to keep it in the family so we can rebuild.

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  1. I'm very sorry to hear of your family's loss. We also have a cabin with quite a bit of history we all hold dear, so I can imagine what you're dealing with now. You and your loved ones have my best wishes, Brother.