Friday, May 5, 2017

A Rosicrucian Prayer

Eternal and Universal Fountain of Love, Wisdom and Happiness; Nature is the book in which Thy character is written, and no one can read it unless he has been in Thy school. Therefore our (or my) eyes are directed upon thee as the eyes of the servants are directed upon the hands of the masters and mistresses, from whom they receive their gifts. Oh Thou Lord of Kings, who should not praise thee unceasingly, and forever with his whole heart? For everything in the universe comes from Thee, out of Thee, belongs to Thee and must again return to Thee. Everything that exists will ultimately re-enter Thy Love or Thy Anger, Thy Light or Thy Fire, and everything, whether good or evil, must serve to thy glorification. Thou alone art the Lord, for Thy Will is the fountain of all powers that exist in the universe; none can escape Thee. Thou art the King of the World; Thy residence is in Heaven and in the sanctuary of the heart of the virtuous.

Universal God, One Life, One Light, One Power, Thou All in All, beyond expression and beyond conception. On Nature! Thou something from nothing, thou symbol of Wisdom! In myself I am nothing, in Thee I am I. I live in Thine I made of nothing; live thou in me and bring me out of the region of self into the Eternal Light! Amen.

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