Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Royal Art

By Silas H. Shepherd

Thou, Royal Art, in splendor clothed 
By verse and learned orator extolled 
What is thy power o′er men so frail? 
Where is thy wisdom ne′er assailed?

Is it in mystic rites and form 
Or legends to which all conform, 
That men find satisfaction rare, 
And in it's ceremonies share?

It never could the wise attract 
By mystic rite or tragic act 
Did not some power in secret lie 
Hidden from all but worthy eye.

Its secret most profound and rare 
All worthy men may likewise share. 
It welcomes men with motives pure 
It helps to make their lives secure.

It feeds, with Truth, the hungry soul 
It lights the darkness to the goal, 
Where Father waits His souls to meet, 
Who as a brother fellows greet.

It clears the air of doubt and fear, 
It gives to life delight and cheer, 
It makes the Brotherhood of Man 
A consummation of His Plan.

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