Thursday, October 18, 2018

Founding of Star Garnet Council

Tonight Star Garnet Council No.560 was founded tonight in Boise, ID. This date was chosen as this weekend is the Northwest York Rite Conference and we would be able to have several dignitaries attend the consecration of this AMD Council including David D. Goodwin, the Most Venerable Sovereign Grand Master of the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America; Glen Cook, Right Venerable Senior Grand Warden; and Joseph MacIntyre, Grand Superintendent of the Northwest US. There were also in attendance Brothers from Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Utah. I am honored to serve as the Founding Senior Warden for the council.

Star Garnet was selected as the name as this gem is it is the official state gem of Idaho. There are also only two places in the world you can find the star garnet - in India and Idaho. More precious than either star rubies or star sapphires, the Idaho garnet is usually dark purple or plum in color, with four rays in the star. The mountains of Idaho contain veins of gold, silver, lead, zinc, cobalt, copper, and many other rare minerals - among these rare minerals are gems like the star garnet, jasper, opal, jade, topaz, zircon, and tourmaline which is why Idaho's nickname is "The Gem State."

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