Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Four Elements

By Anne Bradstreet

The Fire, Air, Earth and water did contest 
Which was the strongest, noblest and the best, 
Who was of greatest use and might'est force; 
In placide Terms they thought now to discourse, 
That in due order each her turn should speak; 
But enmity this amity did break 
All would be chief, and all scorn'd to be under 
Whence issu'd winds & rains, lightning & thunder 
The quaking earth did groan, the Sky lookt black 
The Fire, the forced Air, in sunder crack; 
The sea did threat the heav'ns, the heavn's the earth, 
All looked like a Chaos or new birth: 
Fire broyled Earth, & scorched Earth it choaked 
Both by their darings, water so provoked 
That roaring in it came, and with its source 
Soon made the Combatants abate their force 
The rumbling hissing, puffing was so great 
The worlds confusion, it did seem to threat 
Till gentle Air, Contention so abated 
That betwixt hot and cold, she arbitrated 
The others difference, being less did cease 
All storms now laid, and they in perfect peace 
That Fire should first begin, the rest consent, 
The noblest and most active Element.

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