Thursday, September 19, 2019

RIP Brother Ron

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of Worshipful Brother Ron Scott who passed away this morning at his home, surrounded by his family. As one Brother has put it, "Ron was a Mason's Mason." Ron was many things to many different people, but he was particularly noted for being a mentor to so many Masons.

Ron Scott was born on September 13, 1933, in Greensboro, NC. Ron was initiated, passed, and raised into Oriental Lodge No.60 and was a 62-year Mason. He served as Worshipful Master of Oriental Lodge No.60 in 1964 (a 55-year Past Master). He served the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Idaho in many capacities to include District Deputy Grand Master and Worshipful Grand Orator. He was also a member of Shriners International and the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite where he was an Honorary 33°. He truly loved Freemasonry and dedicated as much time as he could to the Craft.

To my memory, Ron helped me learn my ritual proficiencies as a candidate and when I was getting my certificates required to serve as Worshipful Master. Ron was a Master Ritualist and even in his elder years could do the Conferral, Raising, Lecture, and Charge for the Third Degree; he called it the "quadfecta". When I was Junior and Senior Warden, the military sent me to training all over the United States and Ron was always willing to step as my substitute in all that time. Ron would sit at the Lodge every Tuesday and would help any Mason with any proficiency or memorization work they were doing; he must have helped hundreds of Masons learn not just to memorize their work, but to understand it.

Ron, you were a Gem of the Craft. So many Mason owe you so many thanks for your tireless effort, but now it is time for rest, to rejoin your wife in the afterlife, and, hopefully, look down on us with pride.

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